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Outcome Orientated Approaches to Mental Health Services (OO-AMHS)

An e-learning package for implementing the Outcomes Orientated approach

Outcome Orientated Approaches to Mental Health Services (OO-AMHS) won an East Midlands, Health, Education and Innovation Clusters (HEIC) Regional Innovations Award in May 2011.
OO-AMHS is a whole service model that draws on a large international evidence base that has consistently shown certain extra-therapeutic factors (such as social context) and intra-therapeutic factors (such as therapeutic relationship) are most likely to influence outcome. OO-AMHS is designed to incorporate this evidence into a whole service model that can improve outcomes for those experiencing mental health problems, at the same time as maximising efficient use of resources. OO-AMHS seeks to engage service users, and promote recovery thinking at the same time as respecting the challenges front line clinicians face.

Four CORE guiding principles underpin the OO-AHMS approach:
Consultation (engaging with the broader context),
Outcome (measure progress session by session),
Relationship (measure alliance regularly) and
Ethics of care (build a positive team ethos).

OO-AMHS draws extensively on Client Directed Outcome Informed ideas pioneered by Barry Duncan (see Heart and Soul of Change website) and Scott Miller (see The International Center for Clinical Excellence website).

This e-learning programme is designed for developing a whole service approach to improve outcome, patient choice and satisfaction, at the same time as decreasing costs and increasing capacity. Completion of these e-learning modules will enable the benefits of OO-AMHS to reach patients, staff and services as a whole, nationally and internationally.
This OO-AMHS training package reflects a commitment to the Lord Darzi Next Stage Review and the subsequent paper on developing a High Quality Workforce.
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This e-learning programme will cover the following modules:

Foundation Level
These modules are designed for individual practitioners. The modules are free of charge to health care practitioners in the East Midlands. Each module takes about 4 hours to complete.

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Module 1 - Understanding the evidence

Module 2 - Evidence and Services

Module 3 - Applying the Evidence

Module 4 - Using rating scales and building an outcomes database

On completion of these first four modules, you should have a broad understanding of the evidence on outcomes and how to incorporate this knowledge to improve your practice.

Advanced Level
The modules are designed to support a whole service transformation project. Team Managers are required to sign up for the Advanced Module and lead the transformation project.
These modules are free of charge to mental health teams in the East Midlands. 
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Module 5 - Preparing for service transformation - Tools for supervisors and managers

On completion of the advanced level modules, you should be on your way to experiencing improvements in patient outcomes and satisfaction at the same time as improving the efficiency of your service.




The course runs for one academic year.

Foundation level:

There are four foundation on-line e-learning modules (see above) followed by two whole day's face-to-face training to complete the Foundation level of training. The course has an e-learning platform ( The e-learning platform includes narrated PowerPoint slides, papers to download and read, and opportunities for entering reflections on theory. Each of the four Foundation modules includes a test that participants must pass to progress to the next module.

The two day foundation level face to face workshops include: Overview and recap of e-learning modules, overview of the CORE features of the OO-AMHS approach, using outcome and alliance measures in real life clinical practice, case study examples, examples of successful projects, using the on-line database for recording outcomes, using OO-AMHS in management and supervision, discussion of participants workplace, and development of project ideas. 

Advanced level:

The foundation level training is followed by four advanced on-line e-learning modules and one day's face-to-face training towards the end of the course. In order to complete the course and become recognised as an approved trainer in the OO-AMHS approach, participants must complete and submit a written piece on their project. Participants who go on to complete the advanced training will be mentored by the course facilitators to help with implementation of their project.

The e-learning modules support team based implementation, and include guided team activities, supervision, management, and setting up and managing a database of outcomes. The one day face to face training includes a review of each project and helping participants reflect on how to keep the project going and helping them prepare for their final writing up of their project in order to qualify as an accredited trainer in the OO-AMHS approach.

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